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Plumbing Services

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Bathroom Design and Installation

I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work on many large bespoke bathroom designs for celebrity clients living within the Surrey greenbelt.  I have access to bespoke products - get in touch for more information and a quote.


Emergency plumbing repairs

I know what it's like for a family to be without hot water or heating, it's essential. I am always contactable and if I don't answer my phone please leave a message using the contact details and I'll get back to you ASAP.  Quote, it's an emergency!

Working Tools


Kitchens, Underfloor Heating, Drains, Gas Fires, Gas Cooker Installation, Down Pipes, Underground Pipe moves..  The list goes on..  Will provide you with a highly competitive quote Fast!


Boiler Servicing and Installation

Regular Boiler servicing is essential and prevents large unexpected bills. It is also important in terms of health and safety and is often overlooked by too many.  New boilers are much more efficient and in the long term are a cost-effective solution to many.

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