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-- Matty Wallace --

=== Plumbing in the veins(Pipes) ====

MBW Plumbing can do all of your plumbing jobs around your house or business. My method is simple. I carefully listen to what you need and then find the most effective way of carrying out my services, which means great savings for my customers. I am fully updated on the latest industry developments and through my experience, I’m able to solve any plumbing issue. The best part of this job is making people happy.

My satisfaction is knowing that I’ve have served you well. I have worked as a plumber in the Surrey and surrounding areas for 20+ years.  I started my apprenticeship working on big commercial projects within the city and then moved on to work in a partnership for 5 years with a plumber who had 35 years of experience and taught me everything he knew before handing the reigns over to me. Don’t wait a minute longer, contact me today and I'll be happy to help you with your queries!

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